Two Bows

Two Bows takes a look at two performers with radically different lives and approaches. In Rome, Reza Derakhshani infuses his performances of the ancient instrument, the kamancheh, with jazz and electronic rhythms as the camera steals a distinctly Iranian glance at Derakhshani’s wealthy Italian lifestyle, where cocktail parties give way to a nonstop bout of cheek kissing. He feels his art makes his life “heavenly. Meanwhile in Bandar Turkaman, struggling traditional musician Bahram Berdikor despondently contemplates suicide because of the debilitating restrictions the regime has placed on his playing. Do Kamancheh does not compare the values of these two artists; rather it facilitates a discourse between modern and traditional points of view. It also, inevitably, touches on the complex issues of cultural identity confronting Iranians today.

(Do Kamancheh) / DV /40 Minutes / Farsi with English Subtitles/2004

Photo by: Peyman Hooshmandzadeh