Persian Gardens

Persian gardens gives a behind-the-scenes look at one of the largest and most ambitious art exhibition in Iran since the 1979 Islamic revolution in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Curator Faryar Javaherian invited over thirty renowned Iranian artists-among them, Parviz Tanavoli, Farideh Lashai, Farshid Mesghali, Abbas Kiarostami, and Dariush Mehrjui-to respond to a theme that is paramount to Iranian history and culture: the Persian garden, Ancient Wisdom, New Vision, which opened at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in September 2004 and pays tribute to the idea of garden as paradise, at the same time that it displays examples of paradise lost. The exhibition included painting, architecture, photography, video art, installations, conceptual art, music, performance, and environmental art. The film follows the artists from the inception of their artwork to its delivery to the museum.

(Baghe Irani) / DV/ 45 Minutes / Farsi with English Subtitles / 2005