A documentary about the Godars, Artist-Gypsies Living in Iran. The Godars are nomadic gypsies who migrated fromIndia to Iran and share the same heritage as thegypsies who moved into Eastern and Western Europe and into the Middle East. This tribe speaks Chuleh, which is a combination of Sunscrit, Mazandarani, and Farsi. Their original religion, Animism, was based on the belief that natural objects and phenomena possess lives and souls. During the Islamic Revolution, they were forced to convert, and although they are now officially Shiite Muslims, they are still outcasts and considered infidels. Infidels, recounts the four ways which the Godars make their living: dancing, acting, hunting and music, and showcases their dedication to preserve their art and age-old rituals. In this film, the Godars sing songs, play music, and tell the ancient tales of their heritage which often deal with their problems with God. Infidels is the first filmic record of the Godars, their lives, and their efforts to maintain the independence of their culture.

(Koffar)/DVCAM/40 Minutes/Farsi with English Subtitles/2004