Jahangir Razmi is an award-winning Iranian photographer and the author of the entry that won the 1980 Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography. His photograph, Firing Squad in Iran, was taken on August 27, 1979 and published anonymously in the Iranian daily Ettela’at, the oldest still running newspaper in Iran. Days later, it appeared on the front pages of numerous newspapers around the world. The photograph was the only anonymous winner of a Pulitzer Prize in the 90-year history of the award, as the identity of Razmi as the photographer was not revealed until 2006.

The film traces the layered story of a photographer, Jahangir Razmi, whose picture of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard dead squad executing Kurds made furor around the world. The international reaction to the photograph infuriated the Iranian Government, while the images enraged the Kurdish people. Through the story of the photograph, this film follows Jahangir Razmi who, emboldened by time and dismayed by the opportunism of some fellow photographers who claimed to have taken the picture, has recently decided the moment was right to come forward and tell his tale.

(Gomnam)/DVCAM/30 Minutes/Farsi with English Subtitles/2007

Photo by: Jahangir Razmi